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Sussex Brass

Band Rules

Sussex Brass

Band Rules




All matters concerning the organisation, planning, operation and financing of the band should be referred to the trustees.

Members of the band are requested to inform the trustees of any suggestions, ideas or complaints concerning the band's activities.

The trustees will discuss the concerns/suggestions/ideas/complaints of the band member and if necessary instigate actions as required. Whatever course of action taken, the band member voicing the concern will be kept informed.

Trustees & Other


The deportment, appearance and total demeanour of the band are part of the service the band provides to its clients and has to be as high a standard as the musical performance.

Please remember it is events that earn the money for the band. Your behaviour is important for the continuing success of the band to obtain further venues. Be proud of the band and the uniform you wear.



Annual subscriptions are for all members over the age of 18 years.

The annual subscription is £100 per year

This subscription can be paid by Cheque, Cash or Standing Order (SO) (which members must arrange). Payment should be paid:

Annually in April each year

Half yearly April and Oct. (half the full amount)

Monthly (within 21 days)

Please ensure payment is received by the treasurer within 21 days of expected payment.

If for any reason you find it difficult to pay your annual subscription, please inform a trustee as soon as possible.



Members shall at all times conduct themselves in an acceptable manner and with consideration for other Members and the general public. Enjoy the events and be courteous to anyone wishing to talk to you, they may be prospective bookers.


1. Playing Members are expected to attend each scheduled band rehearsal and engagement.

2. Playing Members must indicate on the band Engagement Sheets whether or not they are available for the engagement as early as possible. The unavailability of any particular player can only be handled effectively when there is sufficient time to make alternative arrangements, if appropriate. All endeavours should be made to provide a minimum of 14 days notice of absence from band engagements.

3. In the event of last minute unavailability, playing Members must make every effort to inform the music director (or if unavailable another Trustee) in person or by telephone as soon as possible.#

4. Playing Members who will not be available for engagements are requested to assist with arrangements for replacement players by suggesting alternative personnel from other sources.

Band Banners

Banners are provided for the music stands.

Music stands should be arranged so that the top of the banners is of equal height throughout the band.

The band sergeant is to ensure banners are taken to each event



Band Members are expected to make their music parts available at all times for rehearsals and engagements

The music director will be responsible for the arrangements and list of music for each event.

Each Band member is responsible for arranging his/her music prior to entering the playing area.

Any music required, please see the Librarian.


Band Members are expected to assist with the setting up and packing away of chairs, stands and other equipment at rehearsals and engagements, and to assist in moving equipment to and from engagements where practicable

Time keeping

Band Members should arrive at engagement venues by the time stated.

All issued uniform items should be to hand at each engagement

Sufficient time should be allowed for travelling and parking, where appropriate.

Instrument Cases

Band members should not take their instrument cases on the bandstand.

Instrument cases should be allocated an area for storage by the trustees and notified to the members.

The band secretary should ensure adequate space is requested for cases and bags when booking the events.



The band uniform is worn for all engagements unless explicitly notified otherwise.

Band Members are:
Expected to dress smartly and adhere strictly to the band uniform on all engagements. The form of dress for each engagement will be indicated on the appropriate Band engagement sheet.

To maintain and keep clean their Uniform.

 Required to sign the Uniform register when requested to do so

Full uniform is NOT to be worn when setting up the stage area.

The band performance uniform is:

Black & Red Jacket


Gentlemen: Black trousers; white long sleeved shirt, band tie (black, Bow), black socks and black shoes. Short sleeve shirt may be indicated to be worn in summer at the discretion of the Band Deportment Manager.


Ladies: Black skirt or trousers; white long sleeved shirt, band tie (black, Bow), black shoes and 'black' tights. Short sleeve shirt may be indicated to be worn in summer at the discretion of the Band Deportment Manager.


During summer months the jacket may be discarded under the advice of the music director.

Hats may be worn during summer months as appropriate. The hats must be similar to Panama type and be light in colour.

During indoor performances, Black Issued shirts may be worn in the second half of the performance.

Note. It is essential that you keep the entire uniform with you for performances, just in case we change the uniform for that performance.



Members who are issued with the band Property, including items of Uniform, will be required to sign the appropriate Property Register on issue of the property. The register will also be signed off when the item is returned to the band. Please see the Property Manager for any assistance.

Members are expected to maintain in good working order, and keep clean, any property issued to them.

Members should safeguard any property issued to them.

Members should inform a trustee of any problems with their instruments.

Members will return to the band any property issued to them when requested by the trustees, or when leaving the band.

Playing Members should keep music parts in good order and tidy within the appropriate music folders.

Members wishing to borrow individual parts of music from the Library will be required to sign the Music Loan Register, and return the music at the earliest opportunity.



The Band Secretary, or designated deputy, will make provisional arrangements for the band's engagements.

No band member should liaise, organise in detail or negotiate an engagement without the prior consent of the Secretary.

The music director will make detailed arrangements for the staging of the engagement, equipment etc.

Band Members are expected to assist the Music Director in their arrangements for staging and transport.



Performance entry by the band will be co-ordinated by the Band Sergeant.


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